Company philisophy

For us to establish a philosophy of traditional family company and artisan which makes us self to feel proud of an inherited traditional of generations, it does us to love natural stone, its extraction and its elaboration, it is fundamental for the posterior development of a Company pioneering and innovative.

With this love we apply the guidelines of the current company to manage be highly competitive innovate and develop the marble world and of the natural stone.

We make to join to the client a tandem it is not restricts to supplier-client, if not to be advisors of him, we create a “feedback” bidirectional which both go forward joined.

Also for its size and concept of SMEs, our structure is totally flexible to the market needs, being able to give service all spectrums of clients of the natural stone.

Tradition, communication with the market, technical rationalism and mixed with love to the nature to use its sustainable beauty, together to the passion for our work, they make steering axles of our company.

Works council.

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