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It is slab , tiles , step, risers, skirting , etc. so all elements which we get once we cut the block depending manufacturing needs.

  • Slab: you can find it with several dimmesions depending  of material chosen. And the most popular finish is polished but when we cut the block we get it not polished and depeding order features we do a finish
  • Finish: Polished, antique, honed, brushed , sandblasted.
  • Tiles: there are different standard sizes the most common is 60x30cm. 60x40cm. 60x60cm. , a virtue of natural stone is you can get any size ( doing cut to size ) but those sizes would be special.
  • Thickness: the most common are 2cm and 3cm but we also use 1cm, 1,5cm and bigger like 4cm ,5cm, other good characteristic of natural stone.
  • Step : element of stair .
  • Skirting : dcoration element
  • Riser: element of stair 
imagen proyecto imagen proyecto imagen proyecto
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